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Total Detag - Safe Graffiti Remover Gel - 5 litre

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DETAG-3 GEL will remove graffiti such as spray paint, household paint, marker pen or crayon from hard surfaces both indoors and outdoors including masonry and concrete. DETAG GEL is designed to cling to vertical surfaces and the gel formula means longer contact times are possible on porous surfaces or difficult jobs. DETAG-3 GEL will, in many cases offer better performance than traditional products.

  • Safe - No hazard labelling under current legislation.
  • Effective - Removes most types of graffiti quickly.
  • Eco-Friendly - Low toxicity, fully biodegradable formula.
  • Viscous formula - Performs well on masonry and porous surfaces.


Apply with a brush or spray over the whole area of the stain. Allow 10-15 minutes to act. Use a stiff brush to agitate stubborn graffiti and hose or rinse off with water, preferably using a high pressure cleaner where possible.

Graffiti which has been left for long periods on a porous outdoor surface such as concrete or brickwork may require longer contact times or more than one application. On masonry, it is safe to use long contact times (more than 1 hour) if necessary.

Paint Stripping: DETAG-3 GEL will strip many types of paint from wood, metal and masonry by the application method. Contact times of at least 30 minutes should be allowed.

Super Safe!

Recent legislation has restricted the use of many of the solvents previously used in graffiti removal or imposed strict labelling requirements and safety precautions.

DETAG-3 GEL uses modern solvent technology to give excellent performance on a wide range of surfaces combined with a low risk to the user and the environment. It contains no chlorinated solvents, ketones, lactates, NMP or aromatic hydrocarbons but is based on modern alternatives with a low vapour risk, low odour and low environmental impact. DETAG-3 GEL does not require any hazard labelling, special protective equipment or procedures other than common sense precautions.

DETAG-3 GEL rinses with water and is fully biodegradable.

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