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Sauber Citrus Screen Wash

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Vehicle Wash Bottle Additive

Citrus Screen Wash is a concentrated additive for vehicle wash bottles which has a pleasant, fresh citrus fragrance detectable in the vehicle cabin during operation of the screen wash/wipe. The polymer additive leaves a water repellent clarifying and lubricating film on the screen, improves wiper performance, wet weather visibility and blade life.

Key Features


Most screenwash products have a distinct solvent/alcoholic odour which can penetrate the vehicle cab, particularly during heavy use of concentrated solutions. Citrus Screen Wash is much more pleasant to use, is an effective screen cleaner and has the added benefit of the rain repellent and blade lubricating effect.


Citrus Screen Wash is effective at dilutions of 1-5% in the wash bottle. At this level the cleaning is effective, the fragrance is pleasant and the repellent and lubricant effects apparent.

For severe winter conditions the concentration can be increased to around 1 part in 5 parts water or the bottle may be topped up with Winter Screen Wash to provide additional anti-freeze protection while retaining the other product benefits. Regular use of Citrus Screen Wash in winter will also aid ice removal from the screen.

Product code: B174 Appearance: Clear orange liquid. Odour : Citrus pH: 6.3 Density 1.0 kg/litre. Hazard Classification: H319; H226 (Flammable/Eye irritant)

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