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Special Offers

Artemis offer some fantastic offers on a huge number of cleaning products. Here you'll find our current offers and promotions.

Sprayer Bundles

Many of our products are suitable for use with pressure sprayers. We offer a number of high quality professional and domestic hand pump sprayers suitable for everything from disinfecting to car cleaning.

Below you'll find a number of bundles with our cleaning chemicals combined with an appropriate sprayer. Buy today for fantastic discounts.

August Bank Holiday

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10% Off Carbon Off!

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Vehicle Detergent & Sprayer Bundle

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1 x £9.48 £8.53
1 x £67.86 £61.07

Winter's here and you know what that means: dead leaves, mud and road grit. All of which can leave your car looking pretty nasty. Time to invest in a new sprayer.

We're offering 10% off the IK Multi 6 litre Sprayer a compact, powerful sprayer used by professionals for all manner of cleaning tasks. Buy together with our Liquid Vehicle Detergent now and stay one step ahead of winter.

Total list price £77.34
Price for all £69.60

Alloy Wheel Cleaner + Foam Sprayer

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1 x £5.45 £4.54
1 x £24.52 £20.43

Alloy Wheel Cleaner works best when applied as a foam. This lets it cling to the wheel surface letting the acids dissolve any dirt grim or other build up leaving your wheels sparkling clean.

The IK Foam Sprayer is the perfect application tool for our Wheel Cleaner. A light, hand held foam sprayer with a 1.5 litre capacity.

Receive both today with £5 off your order.

Total list price £29.97
Price for all £24.97

Foam Sprayer Bundle

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1 x £13.92 £13.23
1 x £78.57 £75.01

Buy along side a 9 IK Foam Sprayer. Perfect for the application of our Superfoam TFR.

Total list price £92.49
Price for all £88.24

Complete Car Care Bundle

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1 x £13.92 £10.93
1 x £78.57 £63.14
1 x £26.99 £21.20
Bottle Size: 5 litre
1 x £12.84 £10.08
+ +
Bottle Size: 1 litre
1 x £5.40 £4.24

The Ultimate Car Care Bundle

Clean your Vehicle Inside & Out with this collection of fantastic car cleaning products. Includes:

For the Bodywork: Superfoam TFR
For the Wheels: Alloy Wheel Cleaner
For the Windows: Vehicle Window Cleaner + Citrus Screen Wash
Inside: Vehicle Trim & Valet Cleaner
Application: IK 9 Litre FOAM Sprayer

Total list price £146.42
Price for all £116.42